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Bones of a Saint

The novel Bones of a Saint will launch March 16, 2021.


Excerpt Chapter One:


     They creep down the hill and in through a broken window and I crawl in right after them.  Roxanne Bic-lights a couple candles waxed to the floor.  In that glow I see a curved banister torn from the stairs, beer bottles and wrappers and rubbers scattered across the hardwood, and graffti scrawled across the walls.  There are worse hauntings than plain old ghosts.

     "Find us some wood," Roxanne says.  "We'll make us a fire."  She does this disco spin.  "It'll be sooo dee-vine..."

     The guys stumble back lugging ripped-up baseboards that they toss on the grate.  They stand staring at it.  Roxanne pushes them away and lights it.

     I'm standing away from them and don't bother to point out what that smoke might lure, even at night.  Expecially at night.

     The guys step back and watch her.  She closes her eyes and stands with her back to the fire, wet hair hanging down.  She's wearing flared jeans like us, except hers are hip-huggers, and she's wearing a T-shirt like the rest of us, too.  But the fire is crackling behind her and the way she looks in that wet T-shirt, well, that's not like the rest of us.  At all.  Except maybe Buns on account of he's fat, but that don't count.

     Her soundtrack comes moaning out of her now.  Something about staying alive.  She spins and moans.  On the radio the song sounds like a bunch of stoned chipmunks, but drifting from her it's more like a sad, all-alone girl.